September 3, 2021 - Dingxi

Bug fixes & improvements 🌼

Email notification language

Once we received your feedback that our distribution and comment email notifications were displaying the incorrect languages, we immediately set out to fix the language detection issue. Thank you for reporting issues like these to our team ❤️

Check it out 🤗 :


Other fixes and improvements 🐛🔧

This week at Firstory ⚡

Lean how to share private episodes here:

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Firstory 新功能

August 20, 2021 - Jonathan

New features 🔥

Episode upload interface and process

Firstory Studio continues to increase its features. After receiving feedback from one of our podcasters, we immediately set to improve the episode upload and scheduling process. The new design takes a more intuitive approach to streamline user experience.

Bug fixes & improvements 🐛🔧

This week at Firstory

Learn how to use Firstory Voicemail here :

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Firstory 新功能